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  • Airman invests ‘lottery’ win into experiences rich in service, education

    Airman 1st Class John Emeka Ndubuisi will always remember the day he won the lottery.It wasn't the multi-million-dollar payday that Powerball or Mega Millions provides. To him, his jackpot was even richer and deeper - an opportunity to come to the U.S. and fulfill his insatiable thirst for education and service. Five years later, the native of
  • AFEV provides homes for military spouses

    The Air Force Enlisted Village's mission is quite simple: To Provide a Home. The organization provides a home for surviving spouses of former Air Force heroes and to the mothers of current active duty Airmen. They give Air Force family members a safe, secure home, treat them with dignity, respect and care into their golden years.Contributions to
  • Goodfellow Exchange managers listen, respond

    Customer feedback plays an instrumental role in the Goodfellow Exchange's ability to provide great service while improving the overall shopping experience. Military patrons can play a part in this process by meeting Goodfellow Exchange managers to discuss daily operations and areas of improvement.Meet the Manager, is a program in which store and
  • Senior enlisted advisor promotes commissary benefit

    When John M. Gaines Jr. was a Private 1st Class in the Army, he worked at the Fort Campbell Commissary, Ky. During his first enlistment nearly 30 years ago, he preferred fast food to the wholesome "groceries" he stocked.He had no inkling of how important his unused commissary benefit would become. And, he never dreamed that someday he would serve
  • TSR program helps prepare Airmen for traumatic events

    One third of all wartime casualties throughout history have been combat stress. Emphasis has always been directed towards physical and technical preparedness but never on psychological preparation. Increases in military operations, other than war, have elevated exposure to trauma and critical incidents. An accumulation of stress can burden members.
  • Retired Crew Chief reflects on the past

    Women have a long history with the US military. According to www.army.mil, females have served in the military since the American Revolutionary War. In the past, they often served as nurses, cooks and seamstresses. In the last 30 years however, that role has changed. Females now serve in nearly every aspect of the military and are given equal
  • Military heritage inspires Airman

    Nine-year-old Donald Noah flips through the pages of a binder, marveling at thousands of images and information on military aircraft. This binder and growing up in a military family sparks an interest in serving his country and continuing a family tradition that began in the Great Depression.Ten years later, the young man and two members of his
  • Key spouses are Wingmen too

    They are your focal point for information and support. Whether you're a new military spouse or waiting for your loved one to come home, they are there to listen and lend a hand. Do you know who your key spouse is?The Key Spouse Program is a collaborative effort between squadrons, volunteer spouses, and the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Team
  • AFOSI, always looking for recruits

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations is a federal law enforcement and investigative agency operating throughout the full spectrum of conflict, seamlessly within any domain; conducting criminal and counterintelligence investigations and numerous other services.   Their mission is, "To Identify, exploit and neutralize criminal, terrorist
  • Palace Chase, Palace Front offer stability during transition

    Your enlistment is almost up or maybe you're thinking about leaving active duty early; what do you plan to do? Do you plan on going to school? Do you have another job lined up? Do you have all your ducks in a row to help you with that transition?With all of the opportunities that Palace Chase and Palace Front hold, there are plenty of reasons to