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  • SFS member receives Purple Heart seven years later

    It was 2003 and he was in his second year of enlistment. The Airman nervously exited the plane on to the abandoned airstrip ready to embark on his first deployment. Little did he know his first tour would be an assignment that will stay with him forever and earn him the medal many servicemembers never want to get.Instead of accepting the soccer
  • Base Chapel, a foundation of faith

    A ribbon-cutting ceremony last year did more than open a new, fully modern Chapel here. According to base chaplains, it ushered in new opportunities and highlighted existing programs, all presented by a team that is dedicated to serving Team Goodfellow 24/7."This building is a symbol that represents what we do," said Chaplain (Maj.) Sammy Tucker.
  • Seize the opportunity: command chief's thoughts on deployment

    Deployments can be a major part of a servicemember's career. Some Air Force Specialty Codes require servicemembers to deploy many times in their careers while others do not deploy often. Regardless if servicemembers have deployed one time or 10, they usually return home having learned a little more about themselves. Command Chief Master Sgt.
  • Public Affairs leads the way in communication

    Behind the scenes but always there, Public Affairs is charged with communicating the wing commander's message, command information and Air Force priorities to the public and its servicemembers. This wing staff agency accomplishes its mission of expanding the public's knowledge about Goodfellow and the Air Force through accurate, timely
  • FTAC sets new Airmen up for success

    A group of bright-eyed young Airmen listen intently as a speaker briefs them on safety. This is just one in a long line of briefers the Airmen will listen to over the next several days. This may sound familiar to most new Airmen.The First Term Airmen Center is part of the orientation process for all new Airmen when they reach their first duty
  • Sexual assault awareness: what servicemembers need to know

    The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program is something every servicemember should be aware of. Sexual assault does not have to be rape. Air Force Instruction 36-6001 defines sexual assault as "intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot
  • ITT makes traveling easier

    You actually have some time off and you want to get away, but the thought of searching through the overwhelming amount of travel sites gives you a headache. If you could just find someone to go through the daunting task of spending hours flipping through those websites, you might actually consider taking that much-needed vacation. Maybe you're
  • Three generations of excellence

    A young Airman stands proudly while his father and grandfather pin his badge on his chest during a ceremony July 1. The badge signifies his graduation from technical school and tells the world he is a firefighter. Airman 1st Class Laurence Micale is a third generation servicemember. Both his father and grandfather are retired Colonels in the Air
  • Workers proudly nourish Team Goodfellow

    It's that time again. Growling stomachs, hunger pangs and the waft of food all lead to one of the two places on base where you're guaranteed to find something to heartily satiate you, the Cressman and Western Winds dining facilities. As you fill your plates and devour your meals, have you ever wondered who makes it all possible? A team of more than
  • Honor Guard inspires pride

    With watery eyes he whispers thank you to the man in blue handing him the neatly folded Old Glory. The flag, which draped over his son's coffin earlier, is presented to him as a symbol of thanks for the ultimate sacrifice his son made to his country.Although each base is Congressionally mandated to have an Honor Guard team to perform funeral