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  • Vance Deployment Center - getting ready to deploy

    It's all in the name - Vance Deployment Center - but who are the people that make it happen?Those returning from deployment have already had their experience at the Vance Deployment Center and can agree that a lot of what you need to get you to where you're going comes from within the that large building. Let's take a look at how what they do makes
  • Auto Hobby Shop keeps your car running

    Oil leaks, tune-ups, welding and wheel balancing. These are just the tip of the iceberg.The Auto Hobby Shop, located in Building 109 at the corner of Lancaster Avenue and Mitchell Street, has three auto mechanics with more than 50 years experience to help you with all your car problems whether you choose to rent a stall to fix it yourself or
  • Remembering a fallen hero

    "Daddy, daddy!" the little girl calls out as she runs to him.Lifting her up and seating her on his knee, he explains gently. "I'm going to war.""I won't let you go, Daddy," the 8-year-old declares. Despite his daughter's protest, the father did go. The man, who had already battled the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II, was off to serve
  • Teach them, guide them, keep them safe

    Every year hundreds of infants are killed or injured by someone left in charge of their safety. You've heard the words on TV news broadcasts--Shaken Baby Syndrome. But how does it happen and how can you prevent this tragedy?Typically, someone has been left alone caring for a baby-- it may be the child's parent, mother's boyfriend or another
  • How drugs and alcohol can affect your safety

    Alcohol and drugs affect your brain, alter your perceptions, and most importantly, affect your judgment. Drowning, crashes, falls and burning accidents occur in almost 45 percent of the time when drugs and alcohol are in play. Let's take a look at some Air Force mishap reports that involved bad judgment resulting from alcohol and drug use. Person
  • AADD making a difference

    The weekend is here. It's time to relax, unwind and recharge for the coming week. Business in clubs and bars is thriving. You're enjoying time out drinking and partying with friends. The only question is, how will you get home?Established in July 2006, Airmen Against Drunk Driving is an organization that provides a free, safe ride home to
  • Airman wins power lifting competition

    If you hear someone say they are a "power lifter," you don't often think of someone wearing the Air Force uniform. However, Airman 1st Class Julian Navarro, 313th Training Squadron, in not only a power lifter, but a champion as well.For the past five years Airman Navarro has been involved in recreational power lifting. For the past two years, he
  • SARC partners in assisting victims of sexual assault

    The role of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator office is to be the first line of defense for a victim of sexual assault. The SARC office provides support to victims of sexual assault. We review reporting options and direct them to other desired treatment services to assist their healing process. There are several organizations
  • The Arts and Crafts Center offers after-work fun

    Tired of staring at your computer monitor or sitting around your room or house? Are you ready for some hands-on creative adventures? If so, visit the Arts and Crafts Center for new opportunities in craft classes, pottery and mold cast ceramics, wood working and an auto hobby self-help experience with a full regime of auto services available. The
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    The theme of Sexual Assault month is "Hurts one. Affects all...Preventing sexual assault is every ones duty." A sexual assault affects the victim, their families, friends, colleagues, neighbors and anyone else who crosses their path. A victim may experience fear, shock, powerlessness, shame, guilt, anger, grief and loss. There is a wave of emotions