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  • Driving Fatigue

    "If only they could drive like me!" "I can drive 500 miles without stopping!" Haven't we all heard these same words before? Unfortunately for us all, there are also tragic stories from the same individuals that are not recited often enough. Human nature is to fit in as much as possible, and driving is no exception. We all need to use extreme
  • Child Safety

    Vehicle crashes remain the number one killer of children ages 2-14 in the United States. Knowing how to properly secure your child in their child safety seat can prevent these needless deaths. That's where the wing safety office and the Safe Kids Coalition Buckle Up events come in to play.On Dec. 3, Catie Weidenhofer, the San Angelo regional
  • Holiday Adoption program a great success

    Holidays are a fun time of year, especially Thanksgiving which focuses on giving thanks, friendship, warmth, welcoming and much more. However, this can also be a trying time for many military members who do not have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends because of limited resources or time. This is what led to the establishment of
  • Wounded Warriors Welcomed

    Twenty-five wounded warriors. Servicemembers who have gone above and beyond to ensure our freedoms here in America are secure participated in the third annual Hunt for Heroes parade, Friday. Army, Navy, Marines and Airmen marched, along with the Joint Service Color Guard, fire trucks, motorcycles from Goodfellow Air Force Base, along the Concho
  • Thanksgiving Weekend Driving

    The National Highway Safety Council estimates 555 deaths. This is over the entire Thanksgiving Day weekend.What You Need to Know:The terms used above were chosen carefully to reflect the level of accuracy of the quantities involved. Estimate is used because the fatality figures are calculated approximately. According to the latest data from the
  • Seasonal/Heating Transition

    With the winter season nearing and temperatures begin to drop, you may notice the drop of indoor temperatures as well. This is because the older heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems work on a two-pipe principle. Two-pipe HVAC systems cannot be switched back and forth from cooling to heating with daily fluctuations in
  • Native American Heritage Month, Master Sgt. Woodrow W. Keeble

    QUESTION: On 3 March 2008, Master Sgt. Woodrow W. Keeble, U.S. Army National Guard, N.D., of the Sioux Nation, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at Hill 675-770, Korea, on Oct. 20, 1951.  Sgt. Keeble was already a veteran of WWII with the famed Americal Division.  In which famous battle did the Americal Division first
  • Goodfellow Community Appreciation Day

        Saturday, Nov. 21, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., in conjunction with the Annual Santa's Market, Goodfellow will open its gates to the public for tours, displays and demonstrations.  You'll see military working dog and firefighting demonstrations, static aircraft and weapons displays, take a base bus tour, see a Predator mission planning exhibit, visit
  • 8 Steps to Having a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving

        Thanksgiving brings memories of baking homemade pies and grandma's stuffing and overflowing tables of food. But did you know that improperly handled food causes more than 76 million food-borne illnesses every year? Pregnant women, young babies, older adults and those with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk.     Food-borne illnesses
  • National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

        The month of November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. We celebrate to remember and recognize the intertribal cultures and to educate the public about the heritage, history, art and traditions of the American Indian and Alaska Native peoples. After nearly a century of proposal, this month was first recognized