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  • 8 Steps to Having a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving

        Thanksgiving brings memories of baking homemade pies and grandma's stuffing and overflowing tables of food. But did you know that improperly handled food causes more than 76 million food-borne illnesses every year? Pregnant women, young babies, older adults and those with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk.     Food-borne illnesses
  • National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

        The month of November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. We celebrate to remember and recognize the intertribal cultures and to educate the public about the heritage, history, art and traditions of the American Indian and Alaska Native peoples. After nearly a century of proposal, this month was first recognized
  • Fall/Winter Check-up For Your Vehicle

    I know we don't live in Alaska or North Dakota, but these few tips could help prevent you from spending money and frustrating car troubles! 1. Due for an oil change soon? The oil used should have the right viscosity, or thickness, for your vehicle at this time of year. Oil tends to thicken as it gets colder, and if it's too thick it won't do the
  • Being a Good Wingman

    We have many catch phrases in the Air Force today. One of the most prominent and important phrases we hear frequently is "Be a good wingman" also known as the "Wingman concept." To me, a good wingman looks out for the best interest of fellow Airman of all ranks. When I joined the Air Force in the 1980s, it was drilled into our heads that we had a
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer Campaign Wrap Up. “Live to Play, Play to Live”

    This weekend marks the end of the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign "Live to Play Play to Live." However, safety is crucial 365 days a year and we must not let our guard down. We've covered many topics over the last 14 weeks in an effort to prevent mishaps. Topics such as boating safety, sport bike safety, sports risk management, DUI prevention,
  • Energy saving starts with shaving

    Goodfellow, typical of most southern and southwestern bases, experiences its season of high energy demand during the summer. Running air conditioners is the primary reason for the increase in electricity usage. Not only does this become a concern for the customer who has to pay the bill, but the utility company experiences the burden of having to
  • Be safe any time you drive, happy trails

    My family and I just returned from a 3,500 mile round trip to middle America and back. This vacation was to a place that still honors family, God and country. Where you must travel four or five towns over to find a fast food or chain restaurant, movie theaters, and big box stores; a place where three generations of farmers meet at the local coffee
  • Lightning kills, stay safe

    Rather than telling you my lightning survivor story or the one that I investigated a few years ago, let me assure you that not only does lightning strike often in the Concho Valley, but it can strike with serious consequences. It is real. Here are some safety tips and facts from the National Weather Service and the National Geographic
  • Goodfellow Airmen visit Big Spring veterans

    For 20 Goodfellow Airmen, Aug. 1 was a day that will remain etched in their memories. This was the day they visited the Veterans Affairs Hospital, Big Spring, Texas. "The purpose of the visit was to meet and interact with veterans," said Senior Airman Jonathan Blythe, 17th Comptroller Squadron. "It helped us look back at our history and experience,
  • Workers proudly serve Team Goodfellow

    They're not the most visible group of workers. Sometimes they are behind the scenes, but they still play a very important role in helping run Goodfellow Air Force Base. I'm talking about the employees of the Work Services Corporation. The WSC is a non-profit organization whose goal is to find individuals with disabilities and employ them. The