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  • Swimming pool safety tips

    It is a terrible tragedy that a swimming pool built for pleasure and relaxation so often ends in the drowning death of an infant. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there may be approximately 500 residential pool drownings annually, and about 3,000 residential near-drownings involving children under five that require
  • 312 TRS instructor pedals to victory, fitness with Air Force Cycling Team

    With summer right around the corner, it's time for some recreation. Some activities to do could be going to the beach, boating on the lake or camping. Here's a new one for you to try: cycling. In the endless pursuit of excellence, however, not just any ordinary cycling will do: try going 470 miles in a single week in Iowa during the hottest month
  • Goodfellow puts stimulus to use

    Goodfellow Air Force Base was awarded $35.9 million from the Economic Stimulus Package 2009 to fund different projects. $28 million will be used to build the new 400-person dormitory. "Fourteen other projects were funded by the stimulus package, and ten of those were SABER projects," said Bart Jennings, the Chief of Simplified Acquisition of Base
  • Hydrate or die: the heat is on!

    Prevention of heat stress is of great concern at Goodfellow Air Force Base during the summer months, and especially for those not used to West Texas weather who could fall victim to heat stress. Prevention of heat stress starts with education. Environmental conditions that increase the risk of heat stress are monitored by the Bioenvironmental
  • Tornado season: are you ready?

    Every year, dark clouds descend on San Angelo. Lightning flashes, thunder roars and residents seek shelter indoors from damaging hail and blustery winds. Sometimes, however, thunderstorm season brings a more frightening menace: tornadoes. A tornado is a large, rotating column of air, usually with winds from 40-110 miles per hour. The most
  • Uncommon Valor part six: Colonel George "Bud" Day

    While all recipients of the Medal of Honor have more than earned the title of hero, the events in the life of Col. George "Bud" Day seem almost superheroic.Colonel Day is our nation's most highly decorated living soldier and the most highly decorated since General Douglas MacArthur in our nation's military history. He has received more than seventy
  • What is Federal Magistrate's Court?

    So few military members deal with Federal Magistrate's Court that most do not know it exists. However, with many civilians working on or visiting military installations, there must be a forum in order to deal with criminal acts they commit. That is what Magistrate's Court is for. If you are a civilian, have a civilian spouse or have civilian
  • Uncommon Valor part five: Platoon Sgt. Finnis McCleery

    While thus far the Medal of Honor recipients covered in this series have been Airmen (whether assigned to the Army Air Corps or the Air Force) who have been stationed at Goodfellow, another native San Angeloan is also a recipient of our nation's highest honor. Army Platoon Sgt. Finnis Dawson McCleery was born on Christmas Day, 1927, in
  • For ISR training, the future is now

    On Wednesday, the 17th Training Group took a major step toward implementing an enlisted Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance training transformation at Goodfellow Air Force Base as the first ISR class to begin the 17-day Intelligence Fundamentals Course kicked off. Historically, individual Airmen learned little beyond basic definitions
  • Strategies to help avoid sexual assault

    Responding to sexual assault has become a critical issue in the Air Force and the military as a whole. The support to victims of sexual assault has been refined through the establishment of the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator offices. So what is next? The next step is to become proactive regarding sexual assault. How do we work to stop the