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  • A night in the life

    It's 6 p.m. on a Friday night, and you're heading off base to start the evening's fun. Your work week is over, but the job is just beginning for some Airmen on Goodfellow. Lights flash behind you, and a quick burst of a siren signals you to pull over. You double-check your seat belt, grab your driver's license and military ID, roll down the window
  • AFSO21 revolutionizes pharmacy

    The Goodfellow AFB pharmacy recently held an Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, or AFSO21 event. The Air Force program designed to improve the efficiency of work processes by eliminating superfluous or non-value added work steps. To date numerous units have employed the AFSO21 learning tools to revamp multiple Air Force programs and
  • Drive safely in the rain

    As you all have seen, it can rain in San Angelo! Unfortunately, one of the problems with getting rain in San Angelo is poor drainage and flash flooding.San Angelo received more than four inches of rain last weekend. We owe this bit to Tropical Storm Erin, which by Aug. 17 had claimed seven lives in Texas. Hurricane Dean is currently bringing more
  • The moving wall

    The local chapter of the Non Commissioned Officers Association along with other military professional organizations is bringing the Moving Wall to the San Angelo community. The Moving Wall, a replica of the actual Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., is half the size, and called the moving wall because it travels to various communities around the
  • Anthrax is nothing new in Texas

    A local television station recently reported that several heads of cattle and an unknown number of deer in West Texas have died from anthrax. Most of us knew little about anthrax prior to the events of 9/11, but Texas ranchers were familiar with this disease long before September 11, 2001. Anthrax occurs naturally in livestock in the southwestern
  • Create it and paint it at the Arts and Crafts Center

    Do you want to learn what a potter's wheel is for? Do you like painting, carpentry, auto parts or candle-making? If so, the Arts and Crafts Center may be for you.The Goodfellow Arts and Crafts Center is currently located in Bldg. 144, behind the Airman and Family Readiness Flight. While in this location, the center boasts mold-cast ceramics,
  • Remember water safety as you continue having fun in the sun

    Everyone loves a little fun in the sun. Going swimming at the local "swimming hole" can be the most refreshing thing on a blistering hot day. However, with just a few weeks left in the 101 Critical Days of Summer one should always be aware of the dangers that can occur and what you can do to prevent them.Some water activities include swimming,
  • The Goodfellow Rising Six

    The Goodfellow Rising Six was founded in 1993; since then the local military professional organization has provided several reasons why one should support and join it."The Rising Six provides a forum for the junior enlisted force of Goodfellow to voice their concerns on important matters. It provides opportunities to practice and refine your
  • SABC: Not just another Air Force acronym

    Self aid and buddy care is a life-saving skill taught to all Airmen and is a requirement that begins in Basic Military Training. Throughout their careers Airmen will receive refresher training in this important class approximately every two years.Most of the Airmen at Goodfellow AFB receive the SABC training at Global War on Terror training. A few
  • Get out and play!

    Outdoor recreation is something that most folks enjoy with plenty of fresh air, beautiful scenery and all that comes with it. That's exactly what Goodfellow recreation camp offers its troops and families.The Goodfellow Recreation Camp, located at Lake Nasworthy, has become a choice recreational area for folks within a 150-mile radius. The campsite