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  • How not to be accused of sexual assault

    We often see information on how not to be a victim of sexual assault. One of the things that I have received significant feedback on in the past months is the need for an article on how not to be accused of sexual assault. The first thing to address is; is consent given? The Department of the Air Force Policies and Procedures for the Prevention of
  • Summer is coming - is your lawn ready?

    When folks find out I have a degree in Landscape Architecture, usually the next comment from their lips is "what do you know about lawns?" Over the past three weeks, approximately thirty people have stopped me and asked the same question. This makes me believe there are more people out there who might be looking for some guidance on their lawns.
  • Never shake a baby!

    Never shoot a baby. Never stab a baby. Pretty obvious statements, right? But many people who would never dream of deploying lethal weapons against a small child are surprised to find facing a parent's worst nightmare when they use a not-so-obvious weapon: their own hands! Never shake a baby! Shaking a baby or young child can kill. Most victims are
  • Honoring two great American Soldiers

    There is something new over the main entrance of the 344th Military Intelligence Battalion Headquarters Building on West Vance Street: the names of two great American Soldiers who laid down their lives for their comrades while serving their country. During a dedication ceremony later this year, the building will be named the Vance-Nolan Building in
  • Operation KIDS

    On Saturday, the Vance Deployment Center was packed with a rough and ready crowd, prepared to deploy anywhere in the world. Clad in camoflague, they paid rapt attention as Col. Richard Ayres, 17th Training Wing commander, briefed them on their next move."We're going to take you out to a big C-130 and fly you to the other side of the world!" the
  • Leading Ladies of Goodfellow

    Four women have commanded the host wing on Goodfellow. The first was Col. Norma Brown, who became the first woman to command an Air Force wing when she took charge of the 6940th Security Wing on Goodfellow in 1974. Gen. Brown subsequently retired as a major general in 1982. Next was Col. Toreaser Steele, who became the second woman and the first
  • So, who was Norma Brown and why is her name on the wing headquarters building?

    As a young E-4 corporal in the United States Army, it was Joe Zapala's job to escort a retired Air Force major general on a tour of the base. Today, Joe Zapala is a fire instructor and the facility manager for the Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy here. Two decades ago, he was stationed at the fire school when it was still at
  • Tornadoes Part 2: Preparation and what to do when one threatens

    "Goodfellow has the good fortune to have a sophisticated system with trained and well-informed professionals in place in case a tornado ever threatens. In the case of a tornado watch or warning, the base command post is notified and sends out a pigeon client as well as getting an e-mail sent to all base personnel. A steady tone siren will be set
  • Tornadoes Part 1: Tornado terminology, destructive power and myths

    In West Texas the season of spring brings warmer temperatures and the long awaited hint of green to the winter-frozen, brown, cracked grass of the native area. But spring also brings the potential threat of tornadoes. With that in mind, members of the 17th Civil Engineer Squadron base readiness flight provide readers with information about
  • Smile! Good dental habits can last a lifetime

    Good habits that start at an early age can ensure good habits continue throughout life. One such good habit is caring for our teeth by brushing and flossing. With February being National Children's Dental Health Month, this is an excellent time to educate your children on the importance of their teeth and demonstrate proper care and maintenance. As