• The Fourth of July

    The day we celebrate the anniversary of our independence can mean so many different things for all of us. Some of the most predominant things we'll find ourselves enjoying on this four day weekend are potentially dangerous; such as using fireworks, traveling and all-around participating in outdoor activities. Since fiscal year 2010, the Air Force
  • Fireworks: Be safe or be sorry

    It's that time of the year again. The season for cookouts, fun in the sun and get-togethers.July Fourth will be here soon and firework stands will be up and running. Some families traditionally look forward to lighting fireworks to commemorate Independence Day.Goodfellow historically follows San Angelo guidance regarding fireworks; prohibiting
  • 17 complete Senior NCO induction

    Congratulations to the 17 NCOs who were ceremoniously inducted into the senior enlisted ranks June 21.Before these 17 individuals claimed the honor of being a Senior NCO, they completed the annual SNCO Orientation Course here, learning from seasoned SNCOs about the challenges lying ahead of them and what it takes to be a successful
  • Team Goodfellow supports children with special needs

    Team Goodfellow members volunteered at the 35th annual West Texas Rehabilitation Center Summer Camp, June 18, in an effort to give special needs children a lasting summer memory."Goodfellow has supported the West Texas Rehabilitation Center for the last 15 years by providing functional activities and demonstrations," said 2nd Lt. Frederick Freeman.