• New fire training simulator debuts at Fort Riley

    After a crash landing, an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft burst into flames with the pilot still inside. A room full of firefighters watched the horrific scene unfold on screens before them. The scene was entirely computer-generated - part of a training simulation called Norma Brown offered during a Department of Defense Fire Officer II course at
  • May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month begins May 1, and is a national celebration of people with Asian, Melanesian, Micronesian and Polynesian decent."From our earliest days, intrepid men and women from the Asia-Pacific region have forged enduring links between America and other nations as they moved across the Pacific," President
  • SARC Challenge teaches Sexual Assault Awareness

    Thirty-six participants showed up for the 3rd Annual SARC challenge, here, April 27. The challenge consisted of 14 stations scattered throughout the base. Each station contained a task the teams had to complete to receive facts about Sexual Assault Awareness as well as clues to the location of the next station.Some groups took a little longer on