Tag: Goodfellow
  • Exercise Ready Eagle

    The 17th Medical Group trained and tested themselves with their first Ready Eagle exercise here, the week of Oct. 19.
  • Goodfellow members tour LAMB

    Goodfellow members visited the Lawn Atlas Missile Base in Lawn, Texas, Oct. 26.
  • Vietnam veterans visit Goodfellow

    Vietnam Veterans Ret. Col. Jack Mecham, former SR-71 pilot, Ret. Master Sgt. Jim Coffman, former EC-47 flight engineer, and Ret. Staff Sgt. Joe Martin, former EC-47 airborne radio direction finding airborne mission supervisor, visited the EC-47 Memorial here, Oct. 13.
  • 17th Security Forces Squadron trains like they fight

    Goodfellow’s 17th Security Forces Squadron trained with local law enforcement at Eldorado Air Force Station, Texas Oct. 5-9.