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Awesome Being Awesome Airmen
I don’t claim to be awesome. My authority to write on this topic is owed to the great honor and privilege of working with awesome Airmen over the years. While names have been changed to respect privacy, the following anecdotes provide examples of awesomeness we can emulate.Awesome Airmen believe in themselves. Senior Airman Jones timidly showed up
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Nine Wicket Nine Wicket
Here’s an interesting tidbit.  Croquet was an Olympic sport just one time all the way back in 1900.  Three people signed up for the event and one person purchased a ticket.  After that croquet never returned.  Honestly, where can you learn this type of interesting minutia?  The Monthly Safety Message!Personally my workout regimen is supplemented by
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5 more minutes Five more minutes
As leaders and wingmen, it is imperative that we make time for our Airmen. If you say you have an “open-door-policy” make sure you are living up to your part of that deal and that the saying is not a cliché. Our Airmen go through a myriad of life stressors and sometimes need to talk. On the other hand, sometimes they just want career advice or just to bend your ear -- but you never know unless YOU listen. There is nothing so important that you can’t spare five minutes of your time to listen. You actually might just save a life. It is said that smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from other’s mistakes… Be wise.
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(U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class Seraiah Hines) From trainee to Airman (Career part two)
As I sat on the plane bound for a place where I imagined I would be challenged and pushed to my limits, I contemplated what awaited me at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The next step on my journey to a new life. I was on my way to Basic Military Training. Everything I needed, until my first clothing issue, sat under my chair. “Just
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Courtesy photo Props to the Defensive Driving Pitch
Honestly, have you ever had one of those days that were really, really bad? You figured you could park the plane with no problems on your own, but for some reason you forgot that the prop was still turning. As always, you were more concerned about ensuring you had just enough room on the driver’s side to ensure your door didn’t ding their door. So
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(U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class Seraiah Hines) Nevertheless, she persisted
At the urging of the National Women’s History Project in 1987, Congress established the month of March as National Women’s History Month. Across the country individuals are encouraged to honor the women who have and continue to make a difference in history. Throughout the years, the NWHP has selected themes and honorees to highlight everything
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Get Up & Get Moving (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by 2nd Lt. Kaitlin Daddona/Released). Get up and get moving
Do you freeze up when your household goods delivery truck unloads those hundreds of boxes? Do you not know where to start when you look at the stacks of paperwork on your desk? Or which tasker or email to accomplish first?  Well, you’re not alone.
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Callie duPerier rides her horse during the barrel racing competition as part of the 84th annual San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo at Foster Communications Coliseum in San Angelo, Texas, Feb. 17, 2016. duPerier finished her run in 14.29 seconds. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Devin Boyer/Released) The man in the arena
I want to provide you an opportunity to come to terms with your life, your career and your service. I want, for your own self-worth, and for the future of this great institution, to save your military soul. I want you to decide today, and until your last day wearing the cloth of our nation, if you are going to stand in the arena and be a doer of deeds--or just be another faceless critic jeering incessantly from the side.
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African-American History Month. This poster was created by Mike Carabajal of the Defense Media Activity-San Antonio. A PDF file of this poster is available up to 18x24 inches at 300 ppi.  Requests can be made to Please specify the title and number. African American history month
A quote on the murder of the 14-year-old African American boy Emmett Till:“If we Americans are to survive it will have to be because we choose and elect and defend to be first of all Americans; to present to the world one homogeneous and unbroken front, whether of white Americans or black ones or purple or blue or green. Maybe the purpose of this
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(Courtesy photo by Randall Moose) What Comprehensive Airman Fitness means to me
Comprehensive Airman Fitness is an Air Force-wide initiative based on improving Airman readiness by solidifying the four pillars of CAF: Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual.
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