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Default Air Force Logo PCS GUIDE: 366th Fighter Wing, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho
Mountain Home Air Force Base is located about 40 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho, in Mountain Home; a town of more than 11,000 people. More than 4,000 active-duty Airmen, 900 civilians and contracting personnel, 50 F-15E Strike Eagles and a dozen RSAF F-15SGs make up the 366th Fighter Wing, known as the Gunfighter team. Their mission: develop and
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SAN ANGELO, Texas -- Lt. Col. Stephen W. Magnan, an intelligence officer, took the reigns of Angelo State University ROTC Detachment 847 this summer.  Magnan received his commission through ASU ROTC 19 years ago.  (U.S. Air Force photo/Connie Hempel) Intel officer leads ASU ROTC
Angelo State University ROTC Detachment 847 bid farewell to Col. Mike Buck this summer and welcomed Lt. Col. Stephen W. Magnan as the detachment's new commander. Magnan is an intelligence officer, prior enlisted troop and graduate of Angelo State University. His predecessor, Colonel Buck was a career fighter pilot and exposed cadets to the pilot
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Default Air Force Logo PCS Guide: 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano Air Base, Italy
Aviano Air Base, located in Northern Italy, is the home of the 31st Fighter Wing. The base maintains two F-16 fighter squadrons, the 555th FS and the 510th FS in support of its mission: to deliver combat power and support worldwide to achieve U.S. and NATO objectives.The 31st FW is the only U.S. fighter wing south of the Alps and thus plays a
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Default Air Force Logo ATV Safety, It's everyone’s responsibility
 As a licensed chief instructor with the All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute for the past 16 years, I have had the opportunity to train new military and civilian instructors, and novice riders from age 6 to 84. It's critical that riders and non-riders alike understand the importance of the safe and responsible use of ATVs. Summer marks a time when
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Default Air Force Logo PCS Guide: 56th Fighter Wing, Luke Air Force Base, Ariz.
Luke Air Force Base lies 15 miles to the west of Phoenix, Ariz., and is the largest and only active-duty F-16 Falcon training base in the world with more than 160 F-16s assigned. The host command at Luke is the 56th Fighter Wing, under Air Education and Training Command's 19th Air Force. Today, the 56th FW, a unit which has historically proven to
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Kate Ruping, loan locker manager SAMS Place, organizes a bookshelf. SAMS Place, located in Bldg. 144 behind the Airmen and Family Readiness Center, offers a wide variety of items for enlisted service members between the grades of E1-E6. (U.S. Air Force photo/Whitney Haskell) SAMS Place: Making life easier for military families
Moving to a new area can be stressful for many military families. In addition to new surroundings, families also have to find a place to live, wait for household goods to arrive and deal with the never-ending task of unpacking. This is where SAMS Place can help. SAMS Place can be an amazing resource for enlisted families when dealing with the many
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GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Carlos Sifuentes, Health and Wellness Center health promotion educator, conducts a Be Well class June 14. The Be Well class is a revitalized version of the Healthy Living Program class and consists of three educational components fitness, nutrition, and behavior changes. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Laura R. McFarlane)

HAWC provides one stop shop for health, wellness
Looking to improve your eating habits? Trying to get fit and stay fit? Look no further than your local Health and Wellness Center.With a fully staffed facility, the HAWC offers a variety of options to improve yourself.The purpose of the HAWC is to ensure Goodfellow team members are fit for training, fit for duty, and fit for deploying. "We
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Default Air Force Logo Goodfellow's Renewable Energy
We have always been told to turn off the lights and television when leaving a room. This is based on sound wisdom. Saving energy offers immediate benefits on a personal level and long-lasting benefits to the environment. Our energy saving practices will determine what we will leave to future generations. Energy conservation comes in many forms,
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The Air Force new fitness program starts July 1. The bi-annual fitness assessment bases the composite fitness score on four components for a total of 100 possible points: a 1.5-mile timed run for aerobic fitness worth 60 points, 20 points for body composition and 10 points each for pushups and sit-ups. Airmen must also meet minimum requirements as defined by the new Air Force Instruction 36-2905 for each of the four components. (U.S. Air Force photo/Connie Hempel) Proper running techniques help prevent injury
The ability to run is an important part of a servicemember's physical capabilities. The form and movement an individual uses when running can have a significant effect on running efficiency, especially when timed. With the advent of minimalist running and the use of thinner soled shoes that simulate barefoot running, individuals may not know how to
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Re-hydrate HEAT-RELATED ILLNESS – Protect Yourself
The people of West Texas are no strangers to heat and therefore we need to be aware of the hazards associated with hot weather and high humidity. Some jobs on Goodfellow require workers to spend a significant amount of time working in temperatures that reach triple digits. Other jobs require workers to go from air conditioned buildings to the hot
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