Students gobble up Thanksgiving meal at Crossroads

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Michael Bowman
  • 17th Training Wing Public Affairs

Voices chatter over forks scraping across plates, the smells of home-cooked meals waft through the Crossroads building as yet another Thanksgiving turkey is pulled out of the oven. The 17th Training Wing chapel staff hosted a Thanksgiving event for students to celebrate the holiday with the flavors of home-cooked food and a friendly atmosphere.

Since many students are unable to travel home while in training, the Goodfellow members took it upon themselves to bring the students a way to celebrate Thanksgiving. By coordinating with various community partners, unit commanders, chiefs and first sergeants, the chapel staff was able to feed over 150 students.

“It’s important to take care of our students and make them feel like this is home,” said Captain Samuel Jeudin, 17th Training Wing chaplain. “The community did a fantastic job of coming together to make this event happen.” 

The Crossroads event allowed students to relax, and enjoy a holiday meal and take a break from the stress of training. They were served many different seasonal dishes by 17th TRW leadership and volunteers, as they bonded over their meal throughout the night.

“It makes me feel at home,” said Airman Basic Alesia Taylor, 315th Training Squadron student. “The chaplains have brought us in, like family.”

Not only did students express their appreciation for their fellow service members, but thanked the chapel for hosting the event.

When asked how they felt about spending Thanksgiving on-base Seaman Apprentice Sarah Webber, Navy Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment student said, “It’s amazing. It feels like we’re loved and appreciated. It’s nice to meet the other branches and come together as one Goodfellow family.”