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  • Volunteer choir raises voice

    The sound of singing coming from the Goodfellow Chapel might not seem out of place, but on Tuesdays, the songs you might hear are more patriotic than religious. Seventeen volunteers from Goodfellow Air Force Base, many of them with prior singing experience, have banded together to form a patriotic singing group. The group, which is open to
  • 311 TRS, 314 TRS Airmen visit ISR platforms, units

    Forty-one Airmen from the 311th and 314th Training Squadrons at the Presidio of Monterey traveled to Beale Air Force Base, Calif., on August 22-23 to get an up-close look at the RQ-4 Global Hawk and the U-2 Dragon Lady. These intelligence platforms carry out missions for the 9th Reconnaissance Wing. The Airmen discussed the capabilities and
  • 17 SFS trains hard to ride light

    The 17th Security Forces Squadron held a 32-hour course Aug. 20 - 22 to learn basic police cyclist skills. The bike patrols will augment the already-present patrol cars on Goodfellow Air Force Base. Bicycles are a very versatile form of transportation, able to traverse foot paths, sidewalks and other areas where patrol cars would be unable to
  • Living dangerously on Goodfellow

    On the north wall of the Norma Brown Building is the historic emblem of the 17th Training Wing. Perched atop the emblem is the mythological griffin, a fearsome creature formed from an eagle and a lion to achieve the perfect union of agility and strength. The griffin is our mascot. In the scroll beneath the emblem is our motto, Toujours Au Danger -
  • Are you ready for the digital age?

    On February 17, 2009, television broadcasting stations will undergo a major alteration. They will stop broadcasting in the basic analog format and will broadcast only in the digital format known as Digital Television. DTV is a broadcasting technology that allows better picture, better sound quality, and more programming choices to be distributed
  • Texas Military Forces come to San Angelo

    I retired from Air Force active duty a few years ago. Earlier this year, I enlisted in the Texas State Guard, Air Division. On the way back from my enlistment, I ran into a few friends and co-workers who wondered what I was doing in uniform. I had some questions to answer--not about why I was wearing ABUs, but about the State Guard itself, and its
  • Keeping Goodfellow green, part 2

    As highlighted in last week's issue of the Monitor, much is being done here at Goodfellow Air Force Base to drive down energy consumption and decrease any adverse impacts on our natural environment. Goodfellow has many other players in that ongoing saga, in addition to the 17th Civil Engineer Squadron, including the base exchange, commissary and
  • Goodfellow stays green

    Energy efficient and environmentally sound practices continue to be a central concern for American leaders. Those concerns stem from growing energy costs, understanding our impact on the natural environment, and research on Global Climate Change. To address those issues, President George W. Bush released Executive Order 13423 Strengthening Federal
  • Junk Yard Dogs take 4th championship in year

    The 2008 Intramural Softball Championship game took place July 15 at the base softball field. The 17th Mission Support Group Junkyard Dogs went into the championship game with no losses and came out on top, yet again, over the 17th Security Forces First Responders with a score of 18-11. This makes the fourth championship this year for the MSG. They
  • Rookie firefighter combat challenge heats up

    The 312th Training Squadron hosted the 4th Annual Rookie Firefighter Challenge Saturday at the Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy training grounds here. Seventeen teams participated in this years challenge, also known as "the toughest two minutes in sports." The first part of the course requires participants to carry a 45-pound