• Police Week comes to an end

    During retreat, the flag was lowered to symbolize the completion of Police Week at the Norma Brown building, May 17. President John F. Kennedy designated May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week in which the date falls on as Police Week. Highlights of Police Week: the retirement of two military working dogs, the 17th Security Forces
  • 17th LRS holds first annual safety awareness function

    The 17th Logistic Readiness Squadron held their first annual safety awareness function at the Goodfellow Air Force Base Recreation Camp, April 26. The Unit Safety Representatives and the 17 LRS Eagle Pride Booster Club hosted the event. The USRs organized two competitions to instill a safety mindset and esprit de corps encouraging competition and
  • Beware of payday loans

    Most people have seen ads for payday loans, cash advance loans, car title loans and many others, on the radio, on TV, the internet and even the mail. Unfortunately, those short of cash may be tempted by the easy terms these types of loans offer. However, these small, short-term loans come at a very high price.Payday loans may look like a good way
  • Secretary of Defense announces furlough

    On May 14, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced planning for and implementation of furloughs in early July for civilian employees. As a result of various factors, including sequestration that went into effect on March 1, the Department of Defense faces a $30 billion shortfall in operation and maintenance account funds. The basic decision to