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Default Air Force Logo Contractor Recognition
A vendor's past performance is a record of the work they have done both good and bad. Sometimes the 17th Contracting Squadron runs into past performance issues on contracts because of conflicting information. This happens when a squadron provides a vendor with an award of achievement without coordinating with quality assurance personnel. Quality
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Default Air Force Logo It’s in good hands
Where is my Air Force going? What are we doing? What are these young people thinking? How do I reach them? These are all questions that in the last few years I have heard in numerous conversations from various locations from top leadership down. My answer to them is, don't's in good hands.Throughout Air Force history previous leadership
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Default Air Force Logo U.S. Navy – 101 Years of Global Reach
One hundred and one years ago this week, on Feb. 22, 1909, the "Great White Fleet" entered Hampton Roads, completing a 14-month voyage around the world. President Theodore Roosevelt was on hand to welcome the fleet as it entered the Virginia roadstead. The 16 new battleships together with provisioning and support ships had departed Hampton Roads
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Default Air Force Logo A Change Will Do You Good
Last week, Lt. Col. David Zemkosky told you about some changes coming in the 17th Medical Group. I would like to explain more about one of those changes, the Family Health Initiative and the Patient Centered Medical Home. The Department of Defense, the Air Force Medical Service and even civilian medical care are moving toward the Patient Centered
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Default Air Force Logo Turnaround
Have you seen the new pizza commercials on TV where the executive staff is listening to focus groups saying things like "the sauce tastes like ketchup" and "the crust tastes like cardboard"? One of my favorite quotes from the ad is "You can either use negative comments to get you down or you can use them to excite you and energize your process."A
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Default Air Force Logo Farewell of the Marines from Iraq
Jan. 23, 11 p.m. marked the end of the Marines in Iraq as an organization. II Marine Expeditionary Force (fwd) conducted a Transfer of Authority ceremony with the First Armored Division without a relief in place from any incoming unit. United States Force-West (formally Multi National Forces-West) merged with United States Division-Center (formally
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Default Air Force Logo Relevant and Ready
Military leaders at all levels must routinely conduct periodic assessments to validate tactical and technical training. For the past year, 344th Military Intelligence Battalion has conducted significant course revisions to ensure its training prepares Soldiers to join the fight upon graduation. All battalion personnel contributed immeasurable time
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Col. Thomas W. Geary, 17th Training Wing commander, Goodfellow AFB, Texas.  Goodfellow is an Air Education and Training Command base.  The mission of the 17th Training Wing is to "Train World-Class Firefighting and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Warriors." Welcome 2010 - Looking Forward to a Year of Opportunities and Excellence
    Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday and took some time off to relax. What a great year 2009 was. I have been continually impressed by the professionalism and dedication of our team, and I know with batteries recharged, we have a great 2010 ahead of us. Every day, the 17th Training Wing Team and Team Goodfellow provide our
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Default Air Force Logo The Future of Our Nation is in your Hands
The following quote was extracted from Thomas C. Shilling, from the foreword to Pearl Harbor: Warning and Decision, by Roberta Wohlstetter (Stanford University Press, 1962). "Surprise, when it happens to a government, is likely to be a complicated, diffuse, bureaucratic thing. It includes neglect of responsibility, but also responsibility so poorly
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Default Air Force Logo The Holiday Season--Time for Reflection
Happy Holidays! This time of season is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the many blessings of the last year and look forward to another filled with all kinds of ways to challenge each of us as individuals, units and organizations. We at the 315th Training Squadron take tremendous pride in transforming and implementing a world-class
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