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  • Transforming the next generation of mission operation commanders

    With the reemergence of near-peer competition, empowered non-state actors, and the potential for the erosion of U.S. military advantage, the Airmen graduating from the 313th Training Squadron’s Distributed Common Ground System Formal Training Unit are indispensable as some of our nation’s first-line intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance professionals.
  • Your cheese will move - Move with it!

    An ironic fact of life is that one of the few unchanging constants is things change.
  • Reflections of a loyal heretic

    For the past two years as commander of the 517th Training Group and Assistant Commandant of Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, America has entrusted thousands of its sons and daughters to my care. The previous Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, emphasized the importance of these service members in the 2018 National Defense Strategy stating, “The creativity and talent of the American warfighter is our greatest enduring strength and one we do not take for granted.” Our obligation as leaders of these warfighters is best captured in a single phrase, “to whom much is given, much is expected.”
  • Words Matter

    Many of us have heard the phrase “words matter,” or at least I have. On multiple occasions throughout my career, I was gruff and blunt with expressing my opinions to junior and senior members alike.
  • Resiliency Toolkit: The power of a positive thought

    Many of you have probably been in a situation where nothing seems to be going right and every step you move forward, something hits you in the face, knocking you two steps back. In these moments, your biggest adversary becomes your own mind.
  • The Importance of a Growth Mindset

    In her March 2019 article, Chief Master Sgt. Shae Gee, 17th Mission Support Group superintendent,
  • Do You Lead by the “Right” Example?

    We are taught throughout our careers in the Air Force to lead by example, be competent, have a
  • The Leadership Laboratory

    Leadership seems to be the answer to everything! When things go right…to some extent a person would say, “it was because of great leadership.” However, if something was to go terribly wrong, it is ultimately the responsibility of leadership, hence, their fault. And how would you fix or repair a problem? Of course, with good leadership!
  • Being Awesome Airmen

    I don’t claim to be awesome. My authority to write on this topic is owed to the great honor and
  • Professional Development: Every Airman has a role

    The Oxford Dictionary defines professional development as “the development of competence or
  • The birth of an army

    On June 14, 1775, the Second Continental Congress formally established an American Continental
  • In five seconds

    What can you do in five seconds?  In five seconds, the average person blinks once.  Every five
  • Is it worth it?

    As a 20 year officer and three time commander, I have had my share of highs and lows during my
  • The Key to Greatness

    If you attended Stars and Stripes last week, you heard Chief Kirkpatrick’s closing words about
  • An Aspiration to Serve

    Every Tuesday morning at 8 a.m., Chief Stein and I walk into the Event Center to greet Airmen newly
  • Balancing fair and equal

    The fundamental goal of a Command Team should be to establish an organizational climate that is